Monday, 24 January 2011

3rd Year Film 'OPENING NIGHT'

Hi, I'm Nathan Flynn a Stop Motion Animation student, currently in my third year at the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff.
In this blog I will be documenting the Pre-production and Production of my new film 'Opening Night'. I will once again be collaborating with my brother Joshua Flynn and you can see some of our previous work at

Our film will me made using the process of Stop Motion Animation and we aim for it to be roughly 3 minuets long.
The story is about a US Mail man who delivers a package to a theatre only to then realise the package may have contained a bomb. The film will follow the mail man as he scrambles desperately to retrieve the package before it is too late.
Above are some research images we have found for the mail man.Our film will be set in the 1950's and these pictures show the style of uniform worn at the time.

Another character featured in the film will be an actress. She will be starring in a bright new show due to open in the theatre and will be the recipient of the package. Again we have been looking at 1950's era photographs and classic looking hair styles for inspiration.