Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Background Characters

One of the main themes in our film is the 'Tick Tick Tick' sound of the package. We plan to use this sound effect to help build tension and suspense as film progresses. Even though the package isn't with the Mail Man for most of the film the tick will follow him as he rushes around the theatre.
I had the idea of incorporating the tick sound into the actions of some background characters found in the lobby.
As the Mail Man runs into the lobby of the theatre, he will look around a see a Bar Tender shaking a cocktail to the same beat as the tick. Then the camera will swing around and we'll see a small kid with a hypnotized expression on his face playing with a paddle ball. Again the ball hitting the bat will be to the same beat as the tick.
Another idea we had was to have an unusually large number of clocks in the theatre the remind the Mail Man that time isn't on his side.

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