Thursday, 27 January 2011

Secondary Characters

Here are some quick initial designs for some secondary characters in the film. One of the main obstacles for the Mail Man is a large and bad tempered Theatre Usher.
We want this character to be large enough to fill a doorway. His uniform will be red with a gold trim. I'm not happy with this design just yet, I think he needs to be bulkier and more hunched. After doing some more quick sketches we plan to make a scaled down marquette to finalize the design and see how the character looks in three dimensions.

This little old lady plays a small part in our film. In one scene the Mail Man rushes to an elevator in order reach the Actress's dressing room, where he believes the package is. Waiting for the elevator he notices a sweet old lady standing next to him. Running out of time he takes the stairs. After climbing 4 floors the Mail Man emerges ,exhausted, only the find that the old lady has beaten him by taking the elevator. Once again I did some quick initial drawings and then moved onto a plasticine sculpt. The old lady is very small in comparison to the other characters. Below are some development pics.

The above picture shows the old lady (work in progress) next the the finished marquette of the Mail Man sculpted by Josh.

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