Friday, 28 January 2011

Colour Tests.

Using the marquettes as a guide I have developed some 2D colour tests. This helped me to see all the different colour combinations so I could decide what worked and what didn't. The hardest character to colour was the Actress. We wanted her to look elegant and glamorous in a simple dress and we knew we wanted her to have blond hair. In the end we chose the light white dress colour and white gloves. As we want the audience to like this character we felt the white gave her an angelic quality. Below are some colour variations for the Actress. Finally we picked the colour sheme in the middle picture and the narrower dress shape.
The other characters were easier colour. Both the Mail Man and the Usher were coloured to made the uniforms we found in our research. The Little Old Lady has a more colourful design as we wanted her to seem a bit quirky.

I'm quite happy with these designs and I like how each character has a unique and easily identifiable colour scheme. The next stage will be to digitally paint the character marquettes.

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